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The original pull out shelves from Shelves that Slide

Shelves That Slide over 20 years of experience manufacturing the highest quality pull out shelving
    The first and what we will crown the number one online pullout shelf company is Shelves That Slide. One of the first places online to by pullouts was Shelves That Slide. Shelves that slide continues to be the leader in online pullout shelf sales. Shelves that Slide was started in the early 90's offering a new product to customers in Palm Springs and Phoenix. This new product was pull out shelves for lower kitchen cabinet storage. There were custom cabinet manufacturers that made pull out shelves for their customers, but not many customers knew what they were or how much easier it was to access their pots and pans with pullout sliding shelves. You could not get the cabinet makers to make pull outs for your existing cabinets. Shelves that Slide did not start life as a cabinet shop that could not make it and went into the pullout shelf business like so many of the Johnny come lately companies that are online today. Shelves that Slide is the original pullout shelf company and continues to offer installation throughout Arizona and they are looking for dealers to expand into other locations. When you are looking for a quality pullout shelf at a fair price from a full service company you have to look at Shelves that Slide.

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