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Space Saving Pull out shelves from Kitchen Shelves

Offering the high quality shelves you demand but at the lower price you desire. Sliding shelves Kitchen Shelves has a large selection of pullout shelf styles at a discount price. They also offer a large selection of kitchen accessories. Kitchen Shelves is not a full service web store. By that we mean you need to order exactly what you need to install your shelf and you pay for everything including screws and door protectors. If you want to side mount you shelves you can save money by not having to pay for things you don't need such as the L brackets for base mounting. Don't expect the same level of support that you might receive on Shelves that Slide. That does not mean they won't answer emails but don't ask them to give you the total with shipping. They will tell you to add the items you want to the cart and the store will figure the shipping for you. It is not that they don't want to help but there is a trade off of lower pricing and that trade off may mean an extra day before you get a response on your pull-out shelf question.
    Kitchen Shelves offers low cost butt joint shelves but they also offer the top quality shelves with rabbet joints and bottoms that are mounted in a dado joint. They have a large selection of kitchen accessories including trash systems and lazy susans. They have an online measuring guide to measure for your kitchen pull out shelves. They also have their installation instructions online so don't expect a copy of instructions with your shelves. Just go to the website and print the instructions or just read them and install the shelves, this is not rocket science. Take a look at Kitchen Shelves and see what they can do for you.

Kitchen Shelves


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